Emma Bluck is the owner and director of Gold Spark Consulting. Emma has 20 years experience in international communications, marketing and partnership building spanning a range of vertical sectors. She has managed teams within the private and public sectors and has worked extensively with SMEs and not-for-profits.

Prior to founding Gold Spark, Emma spent 12 years at the multinational Internet technology provider Cisco, where she managed corporate marketing and communications as well as corporate social responsibility and partnership building across Europe, Middle East and Africa and Latin America.

Emma enjoys a communication challenge and the creative fun of developing and disseminating effective solutions.

Experienced in the development and implementation of corporate social responsibility strategies and programs, Emma is a 2009 graduate of Cambridge University’s cross-sector partnership post-graduate course and is a Partnership Brokering Association certified trainer. She has a deep interest in unlocking the potential of cross-sector collaboration and in helping others do likewise.